The next name on Red’s (James Spader) list in episode 16 of NBC’s “The Blacklist” was a familiar face. In order to keep Liz (Megan Boone) out of prison for the murder of the harbormaster --especially after police found the bullet from her gun -- Red planned to track down her secret agent husband. Would Red be able to find Tom (Ryan Eggold) and clear Liz’s name in episode 16?

Red had discovered that Tom had embedded himself into a drug cartel in Germany and he took Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) to find him. He also had a plan. Red had the German police confiscate a shipment of illegal weapons at the airport. Then, he went to Franz (Vadim Kroll), an old friend who was the trafficker responsible for the weapons shipment. Red persuaded Franz to let him negotiate with the party who was supposed to be buying the weapons. That party turned out to be the drug cartel where Tom was undercover. Red used the fact that the weapons had been seized to blow Tom’s cover. Tom escaped, but Red was convinced that he would do the right thing and return to America to exonerate Liz now that they had delivered the message that she was in trouble.

Meanwhile, back at the FBI headquarters things were not going so well for Liz. The police were closing in on her and Cooper (Harry Lennix) was angry that he had perjured himself to protect her. During an argument with Liz, Cooper fainted and had to be rushed to hospital. His doctors worried his brain condition had worsened.

Without Cooper, Liz had to face a court indictment for the harbormaster murder. However, the proceedings were interrupted when Tom showed up after all and confessed to the crime. 

So, Liz was off the hook for murder, but Judge Renner (John Finn) planned to let her be subpoenaed for perjury and evidence tampering. However, Tom Connolly (Reed Birney), the assistant attorney general, showed up and put the judge in his place. He threatened to get Judge Renner removed from his seat if he did not drop the charges against Liz, telling Renner he had overstepped his reach and jeopardized national security.

Back at the hospital, Cooper woke up to the news that the clinical trial treatment for his brain condition was, in fact, working. The seizure had been an unrelated symptom triggered by stress.

At the courthouse, Judge Renner complied with Connolly’s request and buried the subpoena against Liz -- a decision that made the police pretty angry. After the court ruling, Liz asked Connolly about what would happen with Tom Keen. The assistant attorney general said there was no Tom Keen in custody and he had never heard of him. Where did Tom go?

Earlier in the episode Liz had transferred a significant amount of money into an offshore account. The police were worried it was because she was about to flee to avoid culpability in the murder trial. However, at the end of the episode it was revealed she had set up a scholarship for the murdered harbormaster’s daughter.

At the end of the episode, Liz was surprised to get a call from Tom. He wanted to know if she was alright. It seems the trained killer still cared about his wife.

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