Fans finally got to see Tom (Ryan Eggold) again in episode 14 of “The Blacklist” Season 2. In episode 15, “The Major,” Red (James Spader) and Liz (Megan Boone) would have to find the elusive spy. However, Liz would first have to deal with a mistake from her past, a task that would lead viewers on a trip down memory lane.

Here’s how it all went down in episode 15:

Liz Testifies

The harbormaster murder investigation finally caught up with Liz and she was forced to testify in court. Cooper (Harry Lennix) and Deputy Attorney General Wright (Adriane Lenox) tried to convince the judge (John Finn) to throw out the investigation as a matter of national security, but the judge insisted that Liz meet with him privately to prove the task force deserved to stay confidential.

Apparently that meant Liz would have to divulge her whole story from the moment she met Red -- the episode clearly was meant to fill in viewers who may be new to the show this season. Liz told the judge about Red, Tom and the many unbelievable criminals the task force has taken down from the Alchemist to Berlin.

Liz gave up more secrets than she probably should have -- filling in the judge about the Fulcrum, the possibility of Red being her father, and the inner workings of the task force. However, the judge was still in disbelief, so he brought in Cooper to verify her story about the harbormaster. Liz had lied to the judge and told him that an FBI target had murdered the harbormaster while she was on the ship on official business. Cooper had already warned Liz that he would not commit perjury, but when the time came for Cooper to testify he backed up Liz’s story.

However, soon after Cooper and Liz were allowed to leave, the police arrived at the judge’s office with a shell casing proving it was Liz’s gun that killed the harbormaster. It seems she is not out of trouble just yet.

The Major

Meanwhile, Red was searching for a man called the Major (Lance Henricksen), who trained young men to become killers. One of his pupils had been Tom and Red believed finding the Major was the only way to get to Tom and, consequently, clear Liz’s name.

Red had the FBI kidnap a United Nations minister (Raul Aranas) who was secretly a spy that had been trained by the Major. Red threatened to out the minister if he did not give up his teacher’s location. Red soon had the Major captured, who turned out to be an acquaintance of his named Bill McCready. McCready told Red where he could find Tom, and the promo for episode 16 reveals that it will not take him long to track the spy down.

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