While she was a fugitive from the FBI and a target for the Cabal, Liz (Megan Boone) had no greater ally than Red (James Spader) on NBC's "The Blacklist" Season 3. However, now that she has been exonerated, everything has changed, especially considering episode 11's stunning reveal that the former FBI agent is pregnant. Now instead of running with Red, Liz and Tom (Ryan Eggold) may have to run from Red in order to protect their baby in episode 12, "The Vehm." 

According to the synopsis, the FBI task force has a new case after the weapon in a murder is revealed to be a rare medieval torture device. Red warns the task force that the culprits behind the murder belong to a deadly vigilante group from the Middle Ages, the Vehm, that is only recently back in action. First the Cabal, then Shell Island, now the Vehm — "The Blacklist" has a real affinity for top secret criminal organizations! In any case,  Red and the task force must act quick before the Vehm strikes again.

However, while the FBI has their hands full, Liz and Tom must figure out what to do with the news that Liz is pregnant. The former FBI agent does not want to raise a child in her current palling-around-with-high-profile-criminals lifestyle, so Liz and Tom plot to run away from Red. 

"We can get away from him," Tom promises in the episode's promo.

However, Red urges against such an idea.

"I can not protect you if you run away," warns Red, reminding Liz that the Cabal is still after her head. 

Watch the promo for episode 12 below:

Will Liz and Tom run away from Red? Fans will have to wait to find out. "The Blacklist" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.