Once upon a time there was a young girl who married a prince, and her name is Kate Middleton. And once upon a time a girl married her teenage crush, and her name is Katie Holmes. Now, to make women everywhere green with envy, it has been reported, though not confirmed, that Blake Lively is dating Leonardo DiCaprio. But the fun doesn't stop there. Not only is she supposedly dating him, rumor has it the blonde knock-out has moved in with the Great Gatsby star.

Now the long-legged beauty has the title of the one and only Gossip Girl, the face of Chanel, and oh, Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend.

And after pictures surfaces of a naked girl who is a spitting image of Lively, somehow, the actress was able to dodge weeks of media scrutiny.

Forget the Green Lantern, this girl has a magic lantern of her own.

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