The highly publicized divorce between country singers Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton just took a turn for the strange. After announcing their split and finalizing a divorce earlier this week, the couple shared a bizarre Twitter exchange. 

According to Us Weekly, Shelton and Lambert communicated with each other via Twitter for the first time since announcing their divorce to the public. While Shelton has been tweeting excessively about things that aren’t related to the media circus surrounding the end of his marriage, Lambert hadn’t posted anything in a long time. That was until Shelton sent her a note about their friend, and fellow country singer, Ashley Monroe’s latest album “The Blade.” 

If you think the exchange felt pre-planned and kind of sterile given the recent news about their breakup - you’re not alone. Some fans went as far as to express their concerns by tweeting at the couple to criticize them for the publicity stunt. This prompted Shelton to respond to a fan that pitched the idea of the tweets being prepared before their divorce saying: “Nope… Not at all buddy.”

The couple’s communication didn’t end there. Soon after the Ashley Monroe exchange, Lambert made another move, this time by posting a strange picture of Shelton pushing a baby stroller. She joked that the rumors about her being pregnant were actually directed at him.

The fact that the two are still willing to joke with each other on social media doesn’t mean that their heartbreaking split after four years isn’t affecting them. In fact, just a few days ago each singer’s respective Twitter page was updated with new photos that removed the other from their public-facing image. 

Shelton, 39, filed for divorce from Lambert 31, for an unknown reason. It was previously reported that the singer discovered his wife was cheating on him, however both Shelton and Lambert have denied such rumors.