Blake Shelton recently unveiled the music video for a song off his soon-to-be released new album. However, it gained some negative feedback from fans who shared that Gwen Stefani would have been a perfect addition to the video.

“The Voice” coach and country singer Shelton released the music video for “Came Here to Forget” on Tuesday evening, March 29. The song is the first track from his upcoming “If I’m Honest” album, according to People magazine. The lyrics of the song featured the feelings and thoughts of two people who were trying to get over their former loves.

Although Shelton did not write the tune, the song ironically depicts what could have been the beginning stages of his relationship with now girlfriend Stefani. A line in Shelton’s new song stated, “Girl getting over him / And I'm getting over her.”

The two celebrities were just some of the stars who announced their plans for divorce in 2015. Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their separation in July. On the other hand, Stefani and Gavin Rossdale called it quits in August.

Meanwhile, Shelton’s new video which featured the country singer hanging out in a bar by the beach and looking at a young lady has gained mixed reactions from fans, Entertainment Tonight reported. Although many fans loved the singer’s new track and music video, a few shared some of their disappointed feedbacks on YouTube.

A YouTube commenter pointed out that the lady model that starred alongside Shelton in the music video looked “way too young.” Another commenter even mentioned that Stefani would have been “way suitable” since the said model looked more “like Blake’s daughter.” Some of the comments also explicitly mentioned Shelton’s girlfriend and that the singer should have featured her in the music video.

The two musicians have yet to comment on the fans’ feedback. Shelton’s new album “If I’m Honest” is set for release on May 20.