“Blindspot” Season 2 cast member Sullivan Stapleton recently opened up about his character Kurt Weller’s relationship with Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) after their falling out last season.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stapleton said that there’s hope for a Weller-Doe reunion in the upcoming episodes. “There’s always hope. It’s like, they hurt each other and they’re disappointed… but they can apologize. It’s always possible,” he said. In the finale, Kurt discovered that Jane has been lying to him about her true identity. Not only did she say she remembered her past, but she also lied about being Taylor Shaw. Kurt was unsurprisingly angry when he discovered Jane's betrayal, so he decided to stop working with her. When the series returns on Wednesday, Jane will still be with the CIA.

Meanwhile, Weller also shared some details about the premiere episode of “Blindspot” Season 2 and said that Kurt will find some answers about his own father, as well as Jane’s identity. “We start the second season trying to answer those questions. It was great to play that and to try and mend bridges and clear those questions up. But also this season, we’re seeing a bit of lighter side to Kurt, which has been fun to play,” he said.

Executive producer Martin Gero also shared similar information about the premiere episode of “Blindspot” Season 2. While speaking with TV Guide, the exec said, "A lot of questions from Season 1 are answered almost immediately, and of course dozens of new questions arrive.”

In other news, “The Good Wife” alum Archie Panjabi was recently cast to play the role of an authority figure in the FBI. Her character will not only try to reunite Kurt and Jane, but she will also have some hidden agendas of her own.

While speaking with USA Today, Panjabi said that her character Nas Kamal is very protective of her team. “She’s been brought in to heal some of the wounds that were left at the end of Season 1. She is so measured and controlled that she has an unpredictable effect,” she said.

“Blindspot” Season 2 will premiere on NBC on Sept. 14 at 10 p.m. ET.