“Blindspot” has come a long way since it was dubbed as one of the top-rated shows of 2015.

Just recently, lead star Jaimie Alexander shared a sweet throwback photo with her co-star, Audrey Esparza, via Instagram. The co-stars were inside a van at the time the photo was taken. Alexander revealed that it was very cold so they had to stay inside the vehicle. “#TBT to filming the pilot for #Blindspot with the lovely @audreyesparza,” she wrote.

In the series, Alexander’s Jane Doe and Esparza’s Zapata are part of the same team at the FBI. However, the two female characters’ relationship was put to the test in the first season. Zapata was asked by Carter (Michael Gaston) to investigate Jane, but she eventually refused.

Meanwhile, Esparza recently spoke with NBC New York to share what it’s like playing the role of Zapata. According to the actress, she was reading through scripts for about 10 different pilots before she came across “Blindspot.” She immediately felt that there was something special about the story and made calls. “Creator Martin Gero handles women in such a smart way. I feel like all of the women on ‘Blindspot’ are strong and smart…” she said.

In other news, Zapata shared that she and her co-stars have developed such a strong bond on and off set. “It’s so much more fun to love the people that you work with, and I happen to work with an incredible cast and crew and going to work every day is a lot of fun,” she said.

“Blindspot” Season 2, episode 8 was supposed to air on Wednesday, Nov. 2, but NBC temporarily benched the series to accommodate the seventh game in the World Series. The show will return to the network on Nov. 9 at 8 p.m. ET.