Jasmine Fiore and Ryan Jenkins

California police said blood stains were found inside the abandoned Mercedes belonging to Jasmine Fiore on Wednesday in a press conference where a detailed timeline of the events was revealed.

According to the police, the stains indicate a struggle between two people took place in the car.

Blood stains were also found in the couple's luxury hotel room and the undercarriage of the car had twigs and weeds indicating the car had been driven off the road.

The couple was seen leaving a poker tournament at 2:30am on August 14. According to the surveillance this was the last time that Fiore was seen alive.

Jenkins returned to the hotel where the couple had checked in at about 4:30am alone.

Police said they believe Fiore was severely beaten in the car after the poker tournament and Jenkins brought her into their first-floor hotel room through a private patio entrance that fronted a parking lot.

Jenkins is then believed to have put Fiore's body in the suitcase and taken to her car through the same entrance.

Fiore's mutilated and badly beaten body was found in a stuffed suitcase on August 15 in a trash receptacle in Orange County California. Her body was found without fingers and teeth and her nose had been broken.

Jenkins, the 32-year-old wealthy reality show contestant was found dead in a remote motel in Canada. He had committed suicide.

Police also found letters in the car which Jenkins had written to Fiore which police say indicates Jenkins was very jealous.

It all boils down to a domestic violence situation that went way out of hand as a result of jealousy, said Buena Park police Sgt. Frank Nunes.

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