High-volume shipments of Blu-ray players, are finally making inroads into the broader disc player and recorder market, according to new research.

By 2013, Blu-ray player shipments will still lag slightly behind the 90 million DVD player unit shipments. However, higher average selling prices will put Blu-ray player revenue at more than 4 times as large as DVD player revenue, according to InStat.

Blu-ray is finally starting to make significant advances market, says Michelle Abraham, In-Stat analyst. In North America, significant price drops of Blu-ray players drove unit shipments to triple in 2009.

The company expects 80 million units to be sold within the next three years.

Responding to a market survey,18 percent of US respondents reported that price remained a significant barrier to purchase.

Japan dominates the market for Blu-Ray readers, while Europe is the largest market for readers, the report states.