Bluedio BS-3 is a new Bluetooth wireless speaker that is blessed with impressive bass sound output. It not only delivers stunning sound experience but also it's available with an affordable price tag.

The Bluedio BS-3 is a successor model for the Bluedio BS-2 Explorer speaker. It measures 8.92 x 2.67 x 2.91 inches and weighs only 300 grams. Hence, it is portable enough to carry it anywhere.

It is fitted with two speakers along with an internal bass diaphragm. With 24-bit high-definition Hi-Fi chip onboard, it is able to deliver crystal clear sound experience along with deep bass and 3D sound effects. The speaker is enabled with a dedicated 3D button for activating 3D sound effects and has an audio output that can fill a large room.

Since the speaker includes the latest 4.1 Bluetooth chip, a wide range of Bluetooth devices are compatible with it. The battery of the speaker supports a standby time of 1000 hours. Users can enjoy continuous music playback of up to 5 hours.

The Bluedio BS-3 can be paired with any smartphone, mp3 player and audio players as it comes with support for a 3.5 mm audio jack. Phone calls that are transmitted to the Bluedio BS-3 are clear and echo-free.

Users can easily establish a Bluetooth connection between the Bluedio BS-3 speaker and any Bluetooth-enabled device such as smartphones or laptops. By pressing and holding the MFB (multi-function button) on Bluedio BS-3, the Bluetooth feature of the speaker can be activated.

When LEDs start glowing blue and red alternatively, users can release the MFB button. Users can then enable Bluetooth on the handset and search and add the Bluedio BS-3 speaker. When the device starts flashing blue LED, the Bluetooth pairing between the two devices can be achieved.

Gear Best is selling the Bluedio BS-3 speaker for only $45.99, plus free global shipping. The retailer is offering the device with a 52 percent discount. Bluedio BS-3 is listed in four color options, including black, white, golden and silver.