The last few weeks have been difficult on Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family. The 22-year-old aspiring singer has been living out her final moments at Peachtree Christian Hospice in suburban Atlanta following an incident on Jan. 31 that left her with brain damage. Members of both the Brown and Houston families have spent a majority of their days at Bobbi Kristina’s bedside. Now, however, they appear to be shifting gears, taking care of her personal affairs in preparation for her death.

According to Us Weekly, Pat Houston, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, has been hard at work cleaning out the Atlanta-area townhouse she once shared with boyfriend Nick Gordon. Sources told the publication Pat held onto important items like photographs and accolades won by Bobbi Kristina’s famous mother, the late Whitney Houston, but tossed a majority of the items in the home. She is said to have taken everything else to her home for the time being.

“She kept all the pictures and Whitney’s platinum and gold album plaques,” one source said. “But she threw everything else out.”

Pat is the co-legal guardian of Bobbi Kristina and has been helping to make a majority of the decisions regarding her niece’s treatment. She has spent many long days and nights at Bobbi Kristina’s bedside during her extended hospitalization, rehabilitation-center stay and time in the hospice care facility. As we previously reported, her entire family has made it their goal to ensure Bobbi Kristina can feel their presence. Sources told People in June, “they sing to her and talk to her. They just want her to feel that they are there by her side.”

While Bobbi Kristina’s family has spent the last four months soaking up every moment they can with the former aspiring actress, one person has been noticeably absent from her bedside. Gordon, her former live-in boyfriend, has been barred from visitation since Bobbi Kristina entered the hospital. While he claims the family simply would not allow him to see her, the family has released several statements saying they gave him the option to clean up his act and see her or stay away and he chose the latter. While the family has said they were not actively trying to keep Gordon away, the 25-year-old was at the center of a criminal investigation into whether or not he played a role in harming Bobbi Kristina.

In June he was slammed with a lawsuit by Bedelia C. Hargrove, which claimed he had abused, manipulated and stolen from Bobbi Kristina during their relationship. The Fulton County district attorney’s office was believed to be taking a closer look at the investigation in preparation for a potential murder trial against Gordon. He did address the lawsuit, but is said to have sought out a strong team of lawyers should the case come to fruition.

Bobbi Kristina reportedly remains unresponsive at the hospice care facility she was moved to on June 24. She has been in a similar state since Jan. 31 when she was discovered face down in a bathtub full of water. Since the incident, there has been little to no change in her condition. Because of that, her family has made the difficult decision to entrust her to “God’s care.”