A self-described “redneck inventor from Oklahoma” has created a reinforced blanket to protect children from the increasingly common threat of school shootings.

Stan Schone, along with three other men, created the BodyGuard, a product of the ProTecht LLC that sells for about $1,000. He said one of his friends “had this idea to protect his two young boys in school … and he asked if I could make it a reality,” he told the International Business Times. The idea apparently came after the tragic Sandy Hook shooting.

The bright-orange, bullet-resistant blanket is similar to materials commonly used in military and police body armor while being conveniently being able to be “folded up and then unfolded to create a body shelter. It has straps that help hold it in place like a backpack,” reported CNET.

The BodyGuard website also says that the blanket is able to withstand damage from falling debris should school children be trapped in school during a natural disaster, such as a tornado.

The website has a video of the blanket in ballistic testing and goes on to explain that the product will “prevent penetration of many caliber ammunitions, it also absorbs the bullet’s energy to a significant degree, thereby lessening blunt force trauma incurred on the body.”

Schone said he has high hopes in the success of his invention and said while he three partners all have day jobs, the BodyGuard blanket is his “24-hour a day job.”