Boise State's loss on Saturday to TCU, after a missed field goal kick left the score at a heartbreaking 36-35, brought the team's perfect record to an end in much the same fashion as the game that knocked the team out of the undefeated ranks last year.

Broncos fans surely felt twangs of déjà vu as Dan Goodale badly missed a 39-yard kick as regulation time ran out, giving the Horned Frogs a big upset over the fifth-ranked Boise State, which lost all hopes of reaching the national championship or probably even a top-tier bowl game this year.

The play was reminiscent of Nevada's 34-31 win in overtime last year, an away game for Boise State in which kicker Kyle Brotzman missed a 26-yard kick in regulation time, then whiffed a 29-yard kick in overtime, sealing his team's fate.

With the Broncos up 35-28 and nearing TCU's end zone with 2:26 minutes in regulation play left on the clock, running back Drew Wright fumbled the ball, allowing TCU to take possession.

TCU quarterback Casey Pachall, in a career-making game, beat his previous per-game best of 473 passing yards, 25 of which came when he connected with Brandon Carter for Pachall's fifth touchdown with 1:05 left in the game. The clincher came when TCU coach Gary Patterson went for two at that critical moment, which the team converted when Josh Boyce caught a short lob and ran it in for the game.

TCU logged 506 yards in all, allowing them to end Boise State's BCS-era-best 65-game home winning streak in dramatic fashion.

Boise State, which has lost only four times since 2007 and only twice in non-bowl games during that period, was on pace to remain undefeated through the end of the season, having won each of its first eight games this season by double-digit margins.

Now it has no chance of playing for the BCS championship, and it likely will not even capture the Mountain West crown, which TCU can now do outright by winning its next two games, both at home against Colorado State and UNLV.