Tuesday's episode of the CBS soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" is about Maya and Rick's celebration of their engagement and the recent fashion show's success. The episode also will feature another fight between parents who are disagreeing about what their child has become. It will focus on Rick Forrester (Jacob Young), Maya Avant (Karla Mosley), Vivienne Avant (Anna Maria Horsford) and Julius Avant (Obba Babatunde).

The events follow Monday's episode, which showed Rick proposing to Maya, who said yes. Steffy got worried about Aly and even tried to cheer her up. But Aly couldn't shake off her dislike for what Forrester Creations has become. She also kept seeing her dead mother's floating head, telling her to do things and to take matters into her own hands.

As for the California Freedom line, it was a big hit. Wyatt also comforted Ivy when she saw how flirtatious Liam and Steffy were at the fashion show. Plus, Vivienne cried when she found out that Maya and Rick are now engaged. Maya walked the stage with other transgender models. Caroline and Ridge, who both designed the collection, also made an appearance. The audience gave them a big applause, including Julius.

Spoiler alert! This article contains "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers.

TV Guide reports that in Tuesday's episode, Julius and Vivienne will have another argument about Maya. Meanwhile, Maya and Rick are happy about the success of the California Freedom fashion show as well as their engagement.

A preview video for the show's Tuesday episode was posted on the official YouTube channel of "The Bold and the Beautiful." It shows several scenes featuring Steffy, Liam, Julius and Vivienne. Steffy asks Liam about Ivy and if she still thinks that she has a chance to be with him again. Liam tells Steffy that he meant whatever he said to her. Steffy also tells Liam that she doesn't want anything to ruin this celebration.

As for Julius, he tells Vivienne that they have a lot of days ahead of them so he'll just drink champagne for now. He also thinks that if he stays in Los Angeles long enough, he will finally be able to accept what happened to Maya.

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