A roadside bomb exploded near US consulate vehicle carrying Americans in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar, killing one local person and injuring others, an embassy spokesman told Reuters on Friday.

Two armored vehicles were travelling in the north-western city, close to the border of Pakistan, he said. One of the cars was smashed into a pole damaging its bonnet, the report said.

A Pakistani citizen who was passing on a motorcycle was also killed in the attack, police said.

A total of 11 people have been wounded, including two foreigners who have been discharged from the hospital after receiving minor injuries,” police said.

A twin suicide bomb last Friday killed more than 80 people; most of them were military forces, in north-west Pakistan.

There was an attack on a two-car convoy from the consulate in Peshawar. One car was hit, US embassy spokesman Alberto Rodriguez said.

It was a bomb blast it may have been a suicide attack, we are still investigating, Alberto Rodriguez said. The US consulate and its employees in Peshawar have been targeted in the past too, he added.