If you've ever wondered what Justin Vernon of Bon Iver was like as a romantic partner, look no further.

Fan fiction imagination runs wild on Bon Iver Erotic Stories, a Tumblr devoted to all things well, erotica, with a splash of woodsman flair.

Created just over one week ago, the Tumblr account gives all the Ryan Gosling memes a run for their money.

Each post contains a photo of Vernon, the lead singer of the Wisconsin-based folk band, along with a snippet of fiction devoted to his beard, his love for the outdoors and his music.

This morning we sat on the front porch in a rocking chair, I on his lap, wrapped up in a blanket he'd knitted from wool he spun from the neighbor's sheep. We watched the sun rise and he said, 'I wonder if the sun knows how lucky he is to shine on your beautiful face every day,' A single tear marked his cheek, reads one of the posts.

Today Bon Iver wrapped me in his flannel, which smelled like charred pine and licorice, and took me outside to show me a perfect spiderweb, reads another.

Some 26 posts later, Bon Iver Erotic Stories has since attracted a strong following on Tumblr, at more than 6,000 strong.

It changes every few hours, and we were at zero followers [last] Thursday morning, creators Alex Finkle, Alice Warren-Gregory and Anna Sawyer confirmed in an e-mail.

The trio even scored an interview with the Huffington Post.

The three of us independently determined that we had inexplicable hots for Justin Vernon after watching that 40-minute studio session on Vimeo, Finkle told the Huffington Post.

 Upon discovering our mutual love, we began spitballing romantic scenarios during a 3 am. car ride. There was a lot of laughing. Text messages ensued, and three days later the blog was born, he added.

Bon Iver recently wrapped a double weekend at the Coachella Valley Music Festival. The band is gearing up for a world tour, which will kick off May 21 in Edmonton, Canada.

Click through for some highlights from Bon Iver Erotic Stories. For more, visit its Tumblr page.