Phyllis Logan may be best known for playing the head housekeeper on the popular PBS drama “Downton Abbey,” but she will soon be getting a chance to turn the tables on her fictional standing on another popular series, Fox’s “Bones.” “Bones” Executive Producer Stephen Nathan confirmed to TV Line that Logan will be appearing on a future episode of the show when the show’s 10th season premieres this month.

Logan, best known for her role as Mrs. Hughes on “Downton Abbey,” will play a character on “Bones” named Sandra Zins. The character, in a bit of poetic irony, is a wealthy woman whose housekeeper has been murdered, a twist on her “Downton Abbey” character. Zins’ attempts to help Booth and Brennan will, apparently, be revealed to be a cover-up of a dark secret. “Downton Abbey” fans might enjoy seeing Logan sink her teeth into an edgier role.

As for “Bones,” fans will remember that Season 3 left off in May with Booth’s congressional hearing about his past military career, the repercussions of which will have Booth starting Season 10 in prison (with a new beard, as revealed by TV Line). The riveting Season 9 finale showed Booth fighting for his life in a hospital bed as he and Brennan investigated a complicated conspiracy and blackmail case that targeted Booth.

“Bones” returns to Fox on Thursday, Sept. 25, at 8 p.m. EDT with the premiere of its 10th season. The episode featuring Phyllis Logan will be the sixth, airing in early November. Fans will be looking forward to seeing the “Downton Abbey” star in a new role.

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