“Bones” will be returning later this month for a staggering Season 10 and the FOX drama will be returning under a precarious set of circumstances. Booth will be in prison at the start of the new episodes after his Congressional hearing at the end of Season went wrong and he was wrongly caught up in a conspiracy. A new promo poster for “Bones” released by FOX teases the season’s new drama.

The promo poster shows Booth literally behind bars with Brennan standing out front. The tagline for Season 10 on the poster says, “Booth is innocent. But proving it will be deadly.” The poster seems to hint that the beginning of Season 4 will center on Brennan’s efforts to exonerate Booth and suggests it may be awhile before she is successful.

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, who play Brennan and Booth on “Bones”, talked to TV Line about their situations in the new season. Deschanel set the stage for the premiere saying, “Booth is in prison when we come back and Brennan is trying desperately to clear his name, get him out, and get down to the bottom of the conspiracy theory.” Deschanel also talked about her character’s difficulties with her on-screen partner’s legal troubles. “She’s on her own with her child and has to move houses because their other one got blown up.”

Prison will apparently change Booth, as well. Deschanel spoke on Booth’s new attitude in the premiere saying, “Booth is different when we come back. This is nothing he has been through before. He’s been through torture, he’s been through abduction, all of these different, horrible things and combat.”

Fans can look forward to seeing a new Booth while Brennan works to get him out of prison in what should make for an exciting new season. “Bones” premieres Oct. 5 on FOX.

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