Thursday night was the last episode of “Bones” before the FOX show takes a week off for Thanksgiving, but it was a good one. There was another case, of course, in episode 8, “The Puzzler in the Pit,” but fans were more excited about another development – a new baby!

The episode began with Daisy (Carla Gallo) returning to the Jeffersonian, but everyone got a little weirder when Daisy, under the influence of a new, spiritual doula, was acting a bit off. She was close to having her baby and Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) were gifting her all of their old toys and supplies, eager to help out with Sweet’s (John Francis Daley) child.

A new body showed up at the Jeffersonian, but while trying to identify the remains, acid from the pit in which the body was found was starting to eat the bones away. To everyone’s horror, Dr. Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) took a gamble by pouring baking soda all over the remains to counteract the acid. Luckily it worked. Due to a rare injury on the skull, Brennan’s team was able to identify the body as Lawrence Brooks, a renowned, but reclusive, puzzle master who did the crossword puzzle for the paper.

Booth and Aubrey (John Boyd) spoke to his wife, Emilia (Debbon Ayer) who pointed them in the direction of a bitter assistant. They visited the assistant, who subsequently pointed them to a potentially dangerous stalker of the famous puzzler. However, the stalker (Sean Marquette) turned out to just be an author doing research on Brooks. He gave Brooks’ old college roommate and rival, Donald McKeon, who was coincidentally in town, as a potential enemy of Brooks.

Meanwhile, the Jeffersonian team found a message from the killer disguised as crossword clues on Lawrence’s cast. However, everyone was still more focused on Daisy’s odd behavior, spouting holistic philosophies that don’t seem to be her own. Though everyone sympathized that she was only finding a way to cope after Sweets’ death, Angela (Michaela Conlin) accompanied Daisy to an OBGYN appointment where she met the questionable doula (Mindy Cohn), who wouldn’t let Angela into the doctor’s room to avoid “mixing energies.”

Booth and Aubrey met with McKeon who claimed Brooks was stealing his puzzles, and that he was not the one who murdered the puzzle master. When Booth discovered that Brooks had Alzheimer’s disease he suddenly believed McKeon’s story. Booth and Aubrey brought Brooks’ wife in who admitted to publishing other people’s puzzles under his name to keep making money. The couple was in need of extra cash after expensive treatments combined with Brooks forgetting where he had put a large amount of his sizeable fortune.

Following his paper trail, Booth and Aubrey found out that Brooks had been in serious debt to a bookie for gambling. Aubrey sets up a phony account on a gambling site to smoke out the bookie, concealing the strategy from Booth to protect the former gambling addict.

However, when Booth and Aubrey tracked down the bookie (Jack Topalian), he revealed that Brooks’ assistant had been the one gambling, taking advantage of her sick and forgetful boss. Booth arrested her for stealing Brooks’ money, but Brennan determined that she could not physically have been the one to murder the man.

The investigation was then interrupted when Daisy’s water broke at the Jeffersonian and Angela had to rush Daisy away to the hospital. At the hospital tension arose when Angela tried to convince Daisy not to scream during labor. The pregnant woman got fed up and finally got rid of the intrusive doula as everyone else arrived for support.

While in labor, Daisy deduced that Brooks’ neck was not snapped, but broke during a fall and the blood found on the scene, which was a partial match for the victim obscured by the acid, was from a possible son. Aubrey checked adoption records and found that the author from earlier was actually Brooks’ son. He pushed his father when the dementia-ridden man forgot about their agreement to finally meet.

Back in the hospital, Daisy’s baby was born and she named the new boy Seeley Lance Sweets. Booth was the first to hold him.

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