Brennan (Emily Deschanel, left) had to calm down Aubrey (John Boyd, right) after an emotional case in episode 7 of "Bones" Season 10. FOX

Episode 6 of “Bones” on FOX had Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) on the case of a murdered immigrant maid. The heavy case, which had the team uncovering a slave ring, had everyone feeling pretty low, especially Agent Aubrey (John Boyd). In episode 7, “The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round,” a new case would be tough on Aubrey again.

The episode began on a playground that coincidentally was popular with divorced dads and their kids. Things got ugly at the park when a dead body was discovered under the playground merry-go-round.

Meanwhile, at Booth and Brennan’s house, Booth was concerned when Christine (Sunnie Pelant) cursed in front of her parents.

When Brennan got a call that a body had been found she had it brought into the Jeffersonian where her team examined the remains and determined that the victim was likely robbed. They later identified the man as Toby Wachlin.

After questioning Wachlin’s wife (Charlene Amoia), Booth and Aubrey found out that Wachlin worked at a capital investment firm. Booth was worried about Aubrey, alluding to something in his past leading him to hate the rich and entitled. Aubrey assured Booth that everything was fine and they went to visit Wachlin’s boss (Gil Bellows) who told them that Wachlin had lost a lot of the company’s money in a recent accident.

Back at the lab, Brennan was feeling threatened by a new doctor, Dr. Wells (Brian Klugman), who hoped to surpass Brennan as the country’s premiere forensic anthropologist. The team, though, figured out that Wachlin was likely a cocaine addict.

Brennan and Booth met at a diner where Brennan filled him in on the new discovery, but the news made Booth more worried about Aubrey. Booth told Brennan that Toby’s dad was a Wall Street broker before fleeing the country when charged with fraud, leaving Aubrey and his mother behind.

Dr. Hodgins (T.J.Thyne) tracked down the location of Wachlin’s drug dealer using foreign substances left in the drug as a signature. The tip led Booth and Aubrey to a bawdy party for rich brokers filled with drugs and prostitutes. Booth shut down the party and questioned the host, Derek Kaplan (Adam Bartley), who admitted that Toby was at house the night of his murder. Things got hairy for Derek when forensics discovered blood in one of the bedrooms.

Aubrey questioned a prostitute, McKenzie (Lisa Datz), who admitted to taking Wachlin’s wallet and wedding ring as collateral and hitting Wachlin with a candlestick on the night of the murder when he didn’t have the cash to pay her. According to her, Wachlin left in the middle of the night to get her money and never came back. The team at the Jeffersonian team found evidence that confirmed her story.

At the F.B.I. office, Booth and Aubrey got a visit from Wachlin’s distraught wife who was upset about her husband’s drugs and prostitution habit. Aubrey made things worse with an emotional, ill-advised lecture about how she was better off without him.

After, Angela (Michaela Conlin) found a tape in Wachlin’s belongings that recorded him talking to his boss, Mason, blackmailing over fraud. Booth arrested Mason in his office where Brennan identified his desk as the murder weapon. Mason, though, still insisted he was innocent (of the murder at least).

It turned out the real murderer was a fellow broker, Blair (LeMonica Garrett), who had killed Wachlin for betraying the company. Blair was an ex-football player and Brennan found a piece of his championship ring in Wachlin’s skull.

After solving the murder, Brennan met with Aubrey to give him some counseling about dealing with his past. She confided in him about her own parents past. Brennan then went home where Booth and her had a talk with Christine about cursing after she revealed that she had been cursing at her teacher.

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