“Bones” will soon come to an end. Season 12 is the final season of the Fox series, but the creative team is trying to give fans a suitable series finale. Last season, Dr. Temperance Brennan was kidnapped by a serial killer called The Puppeteer who lived with his victims for several weeks. The final moments of the crime series revealed that the person who kidnapped the anthropologist was none other than former squintern Zack Addy.

Season 12 will give “Bones” viewers a little more explanation of Zack’s (Eric Millegan) role in the serial killer’s plans and confirm (or deny) whether Brennan’s (Emily Deschanel) former assistant really is the notorious murderer.

Fox recently released the official synopsis of the upcoming season. It states that Season 12 will celebrate “Bones” and bring the storylines of Booth (David Boreanaz), Brennan and the Jeffersonian-FBI team to a close, allowing the show’s loyal fans to say goodbye to the characters. It also revealed that over the course of the final season, fans will experience deaths, a wedding, epic serial killer storylines and an undercover episode.

It’s easy to guess that the upcoming wedding on the Fox series will be that of Dr. Camille “Cam” Saroyan (Tamara Taylor) and Dr. Arastoo Vaziri (Pej Vahdat). It will be a low-key affair and different from Booth and Brennan’s big wedding.

The deaths referred to in the synopsis are the most intriguing part. Does the word “deaths” signify the numerous cases the Jeffersonian will solve? Or will a character die in Season 12?

On the other hand, it would be great to see Booth and Brennan go undercover one last time before we bid adieu to the long-running series. Goodbyes are always hard.


“Bones” Season 12 airs sometime in early 2017, during midseason.

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