Bones” returns to Fox on Thursday, Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. EDT for its Season 10 premiere. Episode 1, titled “The Conspiracy in the Corps,” will feature Booth (David Boreanaz) fighting for his life while Brennan (Emily Deschanel) races to find a way to clear his name. Fans, though, may be a little hazy on how Booth ended up behind bars in the first place. Here’s a recap of how things went down in the Season 9 finale:

The Season 9 finale of "Bones" began with Booth and Brennan riding high. Brennan had seemingly just solved the McNamara case by revealing that Stephanie McNamara (Kelley Rutherford) was the infamous Ghost Killer, and Booth was all set for a promotion in Germany.

However, Booth received a mysterious call from a man claiming he had information about the McNamara case and a connection to the F.B.I. When Booth traced the call and went to the location of the phone he found a fire and a dead body. Booth and Brennan did not think it was an accident.

Back at the lab Brennan and her team deduced that the man in the trailer, Wesley Foster (Trevor Eyster), was dead before the fire started. Sweets (John Francis Daley) told Booth that Foster was an unstable conspiracy theorist. Booth did not want anyone else in the F.B.I. to know about Foster in case there was a conspiracy.

Booth found out that Foster worked at a security firm owned by the McNamara family that services the F.B.I. However, Booth could not get the F.B.I. to issue a warrant to search the security firm.

Meanwhile, Brennan’s team found a secret hard drive disguised as a nipple ring in Foster’s remains. Booth learned that the information on Foster’s hard drive pointed to someone high up in the F.B.I. using information obtained from the security firm to blackmail people. He then told Brennan to lie in her report and call Foster’s death an accident to give them time to get to the bottom of the conspiracy.  

At Booth’s congressional hearing to confirm his Germany promotion, Congressman Hadley (Peter Mackenzie) blindsided Booth with an accusation of assassinating an American citizen in Pakistan. Booth could not defend himself without discussing a classified mission and the hearing ended in chaos. Booth realized the promotion might have been a set up after digging into the McNamara conspiracy.

While Booth dealt with the blowback from the hearing, Brennan found out why Congressman Hadley turned on Booth. Information in Foster’s files proved Hadley had been blackmailed by the F.B.I. Booth went to Hadley and tried to get names out of him, then tricked him into calling the people behind the conspiracy by threatening to go public with the files. Booth then went home and prepared for the attack he knew was coming,

When Delta force rangers stormed the house, Booth was able to kill them all, though he ended up shot and hospitalized. However, the whole shootout was a setup and Booth was framed for killing three F.B.I. agents, landing him in prison until Brennan can solve the case herself.

Can Brennan solve the conspiracy and get Booth out of prison in the Season 10 premiere? According to the synopsis for the premiere, the answer might lie in the remains of a body that has been dead for 16 years. Fans will have to tune in to episode 1 of Season 10 to find out what happens. "Bones" returns Thursday, Sept. 25, at 8 p.m. EDT on FOX.

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