The 2011 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, which stretches on 700-acre land in Manchester, Tennessee, kicked off yesterday into the early morning hours with musical artists such as, J.Cole, Futurebirds, DJ Neil Armstrong, The Band of Heathens, and Greensky Bluegrass.

The many spectators had their musical palates satisfied yesterday, as the genre of artists ranged from bluegrass to rap, and the artists ranging from influential and iconic to up and coming. 

With the choice of artists tonight and throughout this weekend, including Lil Wayne, Buffalo Springfield, Neon Trees, Loretta Lynn and Eminem, the Bonnaroo Festival seems to spark the crowd with a mix of nostalgia and modern vibes. 

Hip-hop artist, J.Cole, well-known as the first signee to rapper Jay-Z's label, Roc Nation, lit up day one at 8:30 PM Thursday night. Cole performed his own song Higher, from his Friday Night Lights mix tape, and showed his admiration for his musical influences when he covered rapper Tupac's I Ain't Mad at Cha.  

Hailing from Michigan, bluegrass band Greensky Bluegrass (intentional pun) performed on THE ON TAP LOUNGE at 4pm Thursday evening and again today at 3PM on the SONIC STAGE.  

According to Greensky Bluegrass official website, guitarist Dave Bruzza states, With the tradition of bluegrass, we all have lots of different musical influences that we bring to the table, and some of these selections include artists such as Jimi Hendrix and The Grateful Dead.

The Bonnaroo Festival has an interest for all forms of art apparently, as the Thursday crowd flocked to watch the art of basketball at the Bonnaroo Sports Bar for the NBA Finals between Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. 

Also featured near the WHICH and WHAT main stages, in lieu of Bonnaroo's Tenth Anniversary, were painted Graffiti portraits of previous artists who rocked the stages throughout the years, including Bob Dylan and Jay-Z. 

Some highlighted up and coming performances include Lil Wayne on the WHICH stage, at 1:30AM. On Saturday, country legend Loretta Lynn, Buffalo Springfield, and Eminem will be performing. On Sunday, The Neon Trees can be seen performing. 

For a complete schedule of artists, check out Bonnaroo's official website at

And don't forget to check out the Live Webcast of to watch your favorite artists at the Bonnaroo Music & Art Festival, powered by Vevo, also at their official website.

Article by Annamarie Russo