The infamous outlaws Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker came to life on Sunday when A&E, Lifetime and the History channel united to simulcast the movie remake of “Bonnie and Clyde.” Starring Emile Hirsch as Clyde and Holliday Grainger as Bonnie, part 1 premiered at 9 p.m. and introduced viewers to the crime-loving pair before they became star-crossed lovers. 

For Clyde, he suffered from an almost deadly illness as a child that gave him a sort of sixth sense -- hallucinations of his future. It was during his first hallucination that he laid eyes on the woman of his dreams, Bonnie. Growing up poor, he finally met his dream girl when he crashed a wedding reception with his brother … Bonnie’s wedding reception, to be exact.

Bonnie’s marriage ended and she was wooed by Clyde, who had become a small-time criminal thanks to the Depression and his brother. A failed Hollywood actress, Bonnie was intent on becoming famous and got her wish when she teamed up with Clyde on his crime sprees.

Part 2 of the film will find Bonnie and Clyde on the run from law enforcement. Bonnie will be pushing her partner in crime to “commit riskier and more dangerous crimes to generate bigger headlines and make them the most famous criminals of the modern era.” And while some found part 1 of “Bonnie and Clyde” to be entertaining, many critics are panning it for historically inaccuracies. But despite airing on the History channel, the writers for the miniseries insist that they had no intentions of telling 100 percent truth.  

“We weren’t interested in doing a documentary,” co-writer Joe Batteer told The Wrap. “Even the best documentary isn’t actually true with a capital T. There’s opinions and points of view. Ultimately, we’re dramatists and we’re trying to tell a story. We don’t just want to write down the facts. Hell, anyone can do that. We’re interested in telling a tale, taking people on a ride, and we think we did.”

You can watch part 1 of “Bonnie and Clyde” online.

Click HERE to watch on A&E online.

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Part 2 of “Bonnie and Clyde” will air on Lifetime, A&E and the History channel on Monday 9 at 9 p.m. EST. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.

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