It sounds like a surreal dream.

U2 frontman Bono was walking along the road in West Vancouver, Canada, with his assistant when a rainstorm suddenly cropped up. Along comes Edmonton Oilers center Gilbert Brule and his girlfriend, who were taking their pet German Shepherd to a park.

Bono and his assistant hopped in the back with Bella, the dog, and hitched a ride. The singer was so appreciative for the ride he gave Brule and his girlfriend, Kelsey Nichols, backstage passes for U2's show on Wednesday at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton.

At the show, Bono told the crowd the story, saying, I like people who play ice hockey - they stop for hitchhikers. I know this from experience. I was hitchhiking in Vancouver yesterday--actually I was! And this guy and his girlfriend picked me up. He was cool, an ice hockey player, his name was Gilbert Brule as it happens, I'm so grateful I've decided I want to be Gilbert Brule.

ESPN reported that Brule and Nichols almost blew off Bono--Nichols, who was driving, didn't want to stop, but Brule started yelling, That's Bono!

Happens every day.