Readers are consuming more words electronically, a new survey suggests.

In November and December 2011, the Pew Internet & American Life Project surveyed 2,986 Americans aged 16 and older and found that 17 percent of readers ages 18 and older had read at least one book electronically during the year.

That number increased to 21 percent after the holidays, subsequent survey results showed. Researchers cite a rise in ownership of e-reading devices (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.) after the holiday season as a reason for the rise.

Still, just because someone has an e-reader doesn't mean they are shunning printed materials. Fifty-nine percent of e-reader owners claimed they were also reading a print book.

Survey results also found that readers prefer printed books when reading with children or when sharing books.

Snuggling in bed with a good book is still a favorite activity, with 45 percent of readers going for digital books in bed and 43 percent reading print.

How do you like to consume your book?