As the Britney Spears debacle continues to unfold daily on tabloids around the world, a new study estimates she is worth a staggering $120 million to the US economy.

Dubbed as the Britney Industrial Complex, anyone from her record company, celebrity magazines, nightclubs to perfume venders are cashing in on the Britney brand. A survey by Portfolio Magazine showed that a celebrity tabloid with the singer on the cover, sells an estimated 1.28 million copies, that's 33 percent more than the average cover.

Since the beginning of her career 8 years ago, the 26-year-old star has earned Jive, her record label $400 million from her 83 million albums sold. Meanwhile, promotion companies and concert venues earn $150 million. Even while not on tour or recording music, Britney rakes in millions through her business ventures.

Perfume maker Elizabeth Arden brought out a string of Britney perfumes, including Believe, Curious, and Fantasy which is said to have made already $100 million to date.

According to annual Yahoo! Search rankings, Britney has also topped the list for six of the past seven years. The star was at slot number 2 only in 2004, when Paris Hilton briefly took over.

In just 78 weeks, between January 2006 and July 2007, Britney was on the cover of People, Us Weekly, In Touch, Life & Style, OK!, or Star a whopping 175 times. The survey said that during that time, newsstand sales of issues with her on the cover totaled $360 million.

Overall, the singer is worth an estimated $125 million and still earns about $737,000 a month according to figures submitted as part of her court battle with her ex- Kevin Federline.

Federline is also taking advantage of the Britney craze, commanding almost $30,000 for nightclub appearances. He also receives $35,000 a month from his Britney in spousal and child-support payments.