Not everyone has a great boss, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who do you might want to show your appreciation on Monday, which is Boss’s Day. For some ideas about what to get for the person in charge, continue reading below:

1. Amazon Fire Stick for $40: This device, which is the size of a USB drive, will allow for your boss to binge-watch his or her favorite shows.

2. Burrito Yoga Bag from Brogamats: $40. This is a silly present that doubles as a yoga mat holder and burrito pouch.

4. Wireless Weather Forecasterr by Brookstone: $49.99. With this device, your boss will be able to see the temperature at all times.

5. Gift certificate to your boss's favorite restaurant: $50-$100. Some employees might want to do a joint present with coworkers for this one.

6. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer from Target: $10. Chances are, if your boss likes coffee, he or she likes it hot.

7. Rechargeable Cellphone Power Bank: $10. Smartphones are great, but they also run out of juice fast. Help your boss power up with a backup charger.

8. Animal Crackers with the note, “This place would be a zoo without you!” It’s a cute, inexpensive idea.

9. Automatic Wine Opener from Brookstone: $29.95 . It’s ideal for when uncorking a wine bottle feels like too much work.

10. Electronic Wine Chiller from Sharper Image: $99 This is a great idea for a white wine lover.

11. Travel Pillow by Magellan’s: $24.85. Your boss sits in his or her chair for hours on end, help him or her get comfortable.

12. Virtual Keyboard from Hammacher Schlemmer for $120. This idea is fabulous for any techie.

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