A 16-year-old boy who bludgeoned his former girlfriend to death last October after being challenged by Facebook friends to carry out the murder, was found guilty by jury at Swansea crown court in Wales.

Joshua Davies was in a three-month relationship with Rebecca Aylward, 15, from Maesteg, near Bridgend in south Wales, which ended after she walked out on him. He had been infuriated over this and started spreading rumors about her, including that she was trying to get pregnant in order to remain in a relation with him.

He used to share his threats and scheming with his friends on social networking sites and over text messaging, the Daily Mail reported. "In the months and weeks leading up to Rebecca’s murder, he would post messages on social networking sites including Facebook, MSN Messenger and Bebo, saying he wanted to kill Rebecca."

One of his friends challenged him to kill her and offered that he would buy Davies a free breakfast at one of his favorite joints. This prompted Davies to plan the gruesome, senseless murder. He then invited Rebecca for a fresh meeting, a development which the girl and her mother were delighted about.

Rebecca got up at 6 Am on that fateful day in October last year and put on make-up and a new dress before going out to met him.

When the two were alone, he bludgeoned her skull with a rugby ball-sized rock. "I tried to break her neck. She was screaming so I picked up the rock and started to hit her with it. The worst part was feeling and seeing her skull give way," he reportedly told a friend whom he took to the murder scene to prove that he had fulfilled his threat.

Before he committed the murder he told his friend that he would have to buy him (Davies) a free breakfast. After the murder, he tried to cover tracks by posting on Facebook that he was at home at the time of Rebecca's death.