Everywhere you look, it seems that couple and after is getting engaged. So, it should come as no surprise that with each passing proposal future grooms and constantly trying to one up each other in how the pop the question. Previous methods that have been proved popular have included everything from elaborate flash mobs to surprise trips. It’s only natural that the progression of surprising your future Mrs. would be extended to the actual wedding.

Social media plays a pivotal role in relationships; everything from courtship to actually walking down the aisle is documented via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, one groom recently went the extra mile and used his fiancée’s Pinterest board to his advantage.

Amanda Roman, like every other girl on the planet, dreamed of her perfect wedding. Before her soon to be fiancée even popped the question, Roman was an avid Pinterest user who dreamt up what her dream wedding would eventually look like.

Thanks to Pinterest, Romans then boyfriend knew that she wanted to get engaged and married in the same day. Using her “pin board” he knew the centerpieces she wanted, the special touches, and even the color scheme of the wedding.

When Leak proposed, Roman cleared said yes and was shocked to find that everything was already planned.Leak later says “She planned the entire wedding without even knowing she planned the entire wedding.” As beautiful and this proposal and wedding is, it’s inevitable that girlfriend’s everywhere will now be pinning their dream weddings in the hopes that their boyfriends might do the same. Good luck guys!

Via DailyMail