In an effort to assert control over lawless areas of the city ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, around 3,000 Brazilian police and soldiers moved into one of Rio's largest slums Sunday.

The operation was called Shock of Peace. While tanks rolled through the narrow streets and helicopters flew overhead, police squads patrolled the alleys of the Rocinha slum and snipers perched on rooftops. Elaborate preparations were needed to enter Rocinha, a hillside community of more than 80,000 people.

The chief of military police said, there were no incidents and no shots were fired during the operation. I have the pleasure to inform you that Rocinha and Vidigal [a neighbouring favela] are under our control, chief of military police Alberto Pinheiro Neto told a news conference. There were no incidents and no shots were fired. We don't have any information on arrests or weapons seized, he added.

Police said they seized 13 rifles, with telescopic sights and ammunition, as well as a grenade and an unspecified quantity of marijuana.

The feat was made possible by months of intelligence gathering and the arrest last week of Antonio Bonfim Lopes, the drug lord known as Nem, who was said to have effectively ruled Rocinha.

Rio state Governor Sergio Cabral informed President Dilma Rousseff of the success of the operation, which he attributed to close co-operation between local, state and federal police units and the military.

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