Brazil aims to tackle growing gang violence in its largest city Sao Paulo where nearly 100 police officers have been killed since the beginning of the year.

A new law enforcement agency will be established to coordinate between state and federal security forces and prominent jailed gang members will be transferred to higher security prisons to prevent them from ordering attacks and killings from behind bars.

The criminal gang called First Command of the Capital has been identified as the most powerful in Sao Paulo and is believed to be behind many of the police killings.

Despite the rise in violence in Sao Paulo and the surrounding area, the Brazilian government has been hesitant to deploy the military to the region.

Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo estimated that 160,000 police officers would be sufficient to handle rising crime in Sao Paulo, the BBC reported.

Sao Paulo Governor Geraldo Alckmin said that the state’s prison system would identify inmates that were suspected of ordering hits on police officers and move them to maximum security prisons where they would supposedly be unable to communicate with their criminal organizations.

In addition to these new security measures, there will be an increase in surveillance and patrol of ports, airports and major roads where drug traffickers are known to operate.