Another Brazilian worker has died in a World Cup-related construction accident three days before the games begin, The Wire reported Monday. Two others were injured while the three worked on the Sao Paulo monorail. A total of eight people have died since construction began for World Cup facilities.

A death at the monorail seems particularly needless since the construction was started to relieve the traffic the World Cup will bring, but it won’t even be ready until next year.

Another major problem for Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, is that transit workers have been on strike for six days, but the BBC reported Monday evening that the strike will be suspended for two days, while negotiations over demands for a salary increase continue.

“On the 11th we shall hold an assembly with a strike set for the 12th. Whether we put down tools or not will depend on the re-hiring of the 42 workers" fired for joining the protest, metro union workers said at a meeting Monday, according to AFP.

Nearly 25,000 fans are expected to enter the city on Thursday to watch the Brazil-Croatia opener, but World Cup fans might not be walking into the ideal sports viewing situation.

On Monday morning police used tear gas on 300 protestors, the BBC wrote. President Dilma Rousseff has said she will not stand for violent demonstrations during the World Cup.

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