AMC's Breaking Bad isn't exactly known as a funny, light-hearted show, so if anyone has trouble shaking off the inevitable darkness after Sunday night's season premiere, he or she should watch the recent Breaking Bad Bowling video from the team behind Nerdist Industries.

Chris Hardwick, host of The Nerdist podcast, recently launched a Nerdist YouTube channel, and one of the most popular things it has done is All-Star Bowling. Other than the Breaking Bad cast, previous guests have included the casts of AMC's Mad Men and the Discovery Channel's Mythbusters.

It's a bit jolting to see the actors who play Walter White and his drug addict sidekick Jesse Pinkman actually smiling, so consider yourself warned. There's even what appears to be genuine laughter, during which Bryan Cranston appears more like his character from Malcolm in the Middle. The only way it'd be weirder to see him bowl with the shaved head and signature goatee is if Cranston and Aaron Paul were wearing their yellow lab coats.

To go along with the bowling video, Hardwick was able to tape an hourlong interview with Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman. Honestly, the podcast is a bit of a slog, but Paul does reveal the newest season of Breaking Bad is so unbelievably dark.

Considering the depths the show has plumbed in the past, Sunday's premiere should be a doozy.