[WARNING: Spoilers ahead!]

The premiere of the second half of “Breaking Bad’s” fifth season episode “Blood Money” puts the consequences of Walt’s (Bryan Cranston) actions front and center. Hank (Dean Norris) is working furiously to connect all dots to get enough evidence that Walt is Heisenberg, the pseudonym of the infamous meth cook and drug lord that Hank has been chasing after. Jesse (Aaron Paul) is feeling disgust over the “blood money” in his hands and Walt is attempting to get back to a normal life, despite the return of his cancer. With Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) and Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) dead, you’d think Walt would be able to return back to a normal life. However it’s not as simple, as you’ll see through nine gifs from key points of the episode below.


Walt returns his home in a sequence set sometime in the future, with his house abandoned and skateboarders using his pool as a miniature skate park. When he walks through his home he stops in front of a wall with his pseudonym, Heisenberg, spray painted on. Where his family is at the time of that scene is unknown, but it’s possible something quite terrible happens in future episodes.


After stealing Walt’s book, “Leaves of Grass,” Hank returns home and compares the annotation inside the book to the notes of Walt’s late meth lab partner Gale Boetticher (David Costabile), confirming his suspicion and revelation that Walt is the infamous Heisenberg.

Hank Sifting Through Documents

While Hank is sure that Walt is the man behind the meth, he still needs more hard evidence to arrest and convict Walt. While feigning illness, Hank works from home to find the connections between Walt and the people he investigated in the past, which include Gus, Mike and Gale.

While sifting through all the documents, Hank comes across a drawing of Walt wearing a black hat, which Hank only understood as a rough drawing of Heisenberg when he first saw the drawing. Looking at it this time around, he realizes that it is a drawing of Walt.

Jesse’s Guilt

Jesse sits at home in almost a comatose state because he realizes that the money he now has is all blood money, especially with the death of Gus and Mike. While Walt tries to convince Jesse that Walt didn’t kill Mike, it isn’t clear that Jesse necessarily believes him.

Walt On Chemotherapy

Walt attempts to get back to a normal life by running the car wash and even starting up his chemotherapy treatments again. However that would be short lived as he attempts to convince Jesse to not give all his money away to Mike’s granddaughter and that he didn’t kill Mike.

Jesse Throwing Money Away

While Jesse doesn’t give his money to Mike’s granddaughter, he still feels the guilt of the blood money he possesses. After giving a homeless man a stack of bills, he starts to drive around the poor parts of the neighborhood throwing stacks of money out of his car like a newspaper boy onto lawns and bushes.

Walt and Hank Confront Each Other

Walt knows Hank knows about him. Hank is even more furious that Walt even visited him, but holds off on saying anything until Walt shows him a GPS tracker that he found attached to his car. After closing the garage, Hank punches Walt and accuses him of being Heisenberg. In disgust, Hank tells Walt, “I don’t know who I’m talking to.”

Walt had this to say in response:

As an added bonus, here’s a fun remixed GIF from that same scene, from the users on Imgur:

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