“Breaking Bad” continues to get more intense as the final four episodes start to bring the series to a close. In season 5, episode 13, tension continues to build as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle (Laura Fraser) demands a higher purity meth cook, despite Todd Alquist’s (Jesse Plemons) improvements to a 76 percent pure meth product. Meanwhile, Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) continues to work with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) to trick Walter White (Bryan Cranston) into revealing where he stashed his money, leading to an explosive episode ending. Take a look at this week’s “Breaking Bad” episode, titled “To’hajiilee,” in GIFs below.

76 Percent Purity

Lydia is still unhappy with Todd’s meth cook, despite its increase in purity to 76 percent. It lacks the signature blue color, which Todd thinks possibly disappeared after he overheated the batch by just a little bit. While obviously unhappy with the result, Lydia demands a higher quality meth product and leaves.

Hank’s Ruse

Hank and his Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) partner Steven Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada) were frustrated about the failed attempt to get a recorded confession of Walt through Jesse. However, they scheme to fake Jesse’s death using animal guts and a camera phone.

Hank and Steven convince Huell (Lavell Crawford), the bodyguard of Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), that Walt ordered Jesse killed by showing him a picture of the “dead” Jesse. They also convince him that Walt also was looking to “tie up loose ends,” by killing Huell as well.

In turn, Huell freaks out and tells Hank and Steven the details of how he went to a self-storage facility to gather Walt’s money and stow it away in several barrels, transported by a rental truck. Hank and Steven try to gather information on where the truck might have been driven, but there was no Global Positioning System (GPS) device to be found on it.

Walt’s Hit Order

Walt enlists the help of Todd’s uncle Jack (Michael Bowen) to take out Jesse. However, it comes at a price. Walt must cook one more batch of meth after the job is completed. He agrees reluctantly. Walt’s loss of control of his situation is illustrated in this scene, with sitting above him in the background, while Walt is looked down upon during negotiations.

Walt Manipulates

Despite his growing loss of control of the events unfolding around him, Walt attempts to get Jesse out in the open by getting Andrea Cantillo (Emily Rios) to call Jesse’s burner phone, in hopes that Jesse comes to visit.

Hank checks Jesse’s voicemail on his Hello Kitty burner phone and catches the ruse immediately.

The Tables Have Turned

Jesse and Hank come up with a ruse of their own to get Walt to reveal the location of his money. Using a staged camera phone picture of “Walt’s” money, Jesse instructs Walt to stay on the phone and drive to meet Jesse where the money is stashed in the desert or else he’d set  Walt’s money on fire.

As Walt gets closer to his stash buried in the desert, Jesse goes quiet, leading Walt to believe that he Jesse might have assumed that Walt hung up his phone.

Call For Backup

Walt finally realizes that the phone call was a ruse after he finally arrives at the stash. He calls Todd’s uncle for backup as he sees a vehicle approach.

Call It Off

Hank, Steven and Jesse jump out of the vehicle. After Walt sees that Jesse was accompanied by his brother-in-law, he attempts to tell Todd’s uncle to not come.

Walt Surrenders

After Hank, Steven and Jesse confront Walt, he finally surrenders. However, his surrender turned out to be futile, as Todd, his uncle Jack and his men arrived in two vehicles.

Explosive Ending

Despite Walt telling Todd’s uncle not to come out to bail him out, he arrived fully armed with his crew. After a brief standoff, uncle Jack’s crew begins to open fire on Hank and Steven, while Walt attempts to take cover. The scene cuts to black as they continue to exchange gunfire.

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