The good news is that Breaking Dawn: Part 1 was a hit with Twi-hards and is still making waves in theaters and breaking box office records. The bad news is that Breaking Dawn: Part 2 doesn't come out until November 2012.

Here are five things to look forward to in the next -- and last -- of the Twilight movies.

Bella as a Vampire

Breaking Dawn: Part 1 ended with Bella opening her eyes after undergoing her vampire transformation - much like Avatar ended with Sam Worthington's character waking up in his new body. Twilight readers know that Bella immediately feels her new powers. Her senses are sharper, her mind is quicker, and her body is stronger. It will be interesting to see how the bigwigs - and actress Kristen Stewart - pull this off.

The Volturi Are Back

The Volturi, a cultured but ruthless group of vampires who see nothing wrong with drinking human blood, will come to town to see Bella in her new vampire form. Indeed, she and Edward were spared in New Moon under the condition that she be turned into one. But later they become none too thrilled after falsely hearing that Bella and Edward had created a vampire child - a strict no-no in their world.


Young actress Mackenzie Foy will play Bella and Edward's daughter. Renesmee - who grows very quickly -- was still a baby at the end of the first movie, and Jacob had just imprinted on her. She ends up playing a big part when the Volturi arrive.

Bella, Edward and Jacob

The dynamic between Bella, Edward and Jacob changes dramatically after he imprints on Renesmee. It will be interesting to see how Jacob goes from being Bella's friend and admirer -- and Edward's number-one hater -- to being their daughter's protector.

Vampires - The Whole Lot of Them

There will be more beautiful vampires for viewing pleasure, including hunky actor Lee Pace, who will portray the loner vampire Garrett, one of several who sides with the Cullens when the Volturi arrive. Other vamps coming to Forks include the Amazonian, Romanian and Brazilian covens. Seeing so many beautiful, if deadly, vampires at once will be strenuous on the eyes, but fans will surely manage.