False Doomsday prophet Harold Camping has told the International Business Times (IBTimes) that he would be making a public statement on or by tomorrow night in a “public forum” explaining why he had predicted May 21, 2011 as the Judgment Day and why it had failed.

Camping, who has refused to meet the media till now or give any interview, agreed to meet IBTimes at his house in Alameda, Calif., and said that he would explain everything in the public forum tomorrow.

When asked why he hasn’t yet given any explanation till now, Camping, who looked dazed and confused, said he needed some time to think and recover.

The president of Family Radio, however, did not tell IBTimes the time the forum would be convened.

The Doomsday prophet predicted that the End of the World would start on May 21, 2011 at 6 p.m. when about 200 million people would Rapture while the remaining ones left behind will witness natural disasters, including earthquake that would make the Japan’s recent earthquake “look like a Sunday school picnic in comparison.” The World will be completely destroyed on October 21, 2011.

Camping said he was, “without any shadow of a doubt it (Doomsday) is going to happen.”

Believing in the prediction of their leader, the followers of Camping sold all their possessions and quit their jobs. For instance, Adrienne Martinez and her husband quit their jobs and spent the last penny in their bank account towards a rented house in Orlando. She said, “we budgeted everything so that, on May 21, we won’t have anything left.”

Similarly, Robert Fitzpatrick of Staten Island, NY, was so sure of the May 21st ‘Doomsday’ prediction that he spent his entire life savings of $140,000 on New York City subway ads about the ‘Doomsday’.

However, May 21, 2011 was just another day and though several earthquakes were detected by the US Geological Survey, none of them came even close in terms of magnitude to the earthquake that struck Japan in March (9.0).

Camping could not be traced ever since it became clear that his prediction is going to fail. Camping’s followers were devastated and were crestfallen when their faith was crushed.

What will be Camping’s explanation? The whole world is waiting to know. Is he going to say he made another calculation error as he did about September1994 Doomsday prediction? Or is Camping going to repent before God and ask forgiveness from those who he has hurt by his false prediction?

Video and photos of Harold Camping coming soon.

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