A series of very strong earthquakes during the last few years claimed a record number of lifes. Volcanic eruptions are responsible for much higher carbondioxide emissions than human civilization could ever produce.

Hurricane Isaac 2012: Google Provides Tropical Storm Path Maps, Forecasted Track, Shelters, And Emergency Information

Google Crisis Response, one of Google's thousands of active projects that merges various Google tools like Maps, Docs, Forms and Earth, posted a new webpage dedicated to Tropical Storm Isaac - soon to be Hurricane Isaac - in an effort to disseminate helpful information about the hurricane's path, its forecasted track, and how local residents can stay safe during this emergency situation.

Wildfires Choke Outdoor Tourism Prospects in Western US

Apart from destroying hundreds of homes and parched forest area, recent wildfires sweeping western United States, encroached national parks, recreation sites, and campgrounds thereby, adding to woes of communities dependent on summer tourism.

Portrayals Of Wall Street As Greedy, Selfish And Rotten - 100 Years Ago (Photos)

It may be surprising to many who believe that Wall Street and global finance are inherently malevolent that a century ago, the public had a very similar perception of financial services, a notion that was channeled by editorial cartoonists in hard-hitting illustrations in magazines like Puck and newspapers like the New York Herald. These cartoons would be as fitting today as they were in 1912.

Taiwan And Japan: Two Nations With Long History Stuck In Limbo

Taiwan and Japan have an awkward relationship that is compromised and complicated by various intractable issues - namely, Mainland China, which claims Taiwan as its own territory and has compelled most nations of the earth to deny diplomatic recognition of the island.

US Manufacturing Jobs Will Grow As Japan's Carmakers Move Capacity To North America

Amid constant political caterwauling about the demise of American manufacturing, Japanese automakers like Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM), Honda Motor Co. (NYSE: HMC) and Nissan Motor Co. (Tokyo: 7201) are gradually bringing manufacturing jobs to North America by building new factories and adding extra shifts to meet resurgent demand in the U.S. automotive market.

Toyota July US Auto Sales Surge

Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM) reported on Wednesday July U.S. car sales up 26.1 percent to 164,898 as the company continued to recover from last year's natural disasters.

Honda July US Car Sales Rise on Accord, Civic Demand

Honda Motor Co. (NYSE: HMC) reported on Wednesday July U.S. sales rose 45.3 percent to 116,944 as the Japanese automaker continues its robust recovery from last year's earthquake and tsunami in Japan and flooding in Thailand.

Pew Study Finds YouTube Is The Favourite News Spot

YouTube is the favourite news spot for 71 percent of American adults up from 66 percent (in 2010), who visit the site to stay tuned, says a survey conducted by Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. The study adds that 28 percent of American adults visit YouTube daily.