A cheating boyfriend is getting his comeuppance via a scathing and creative breakup letter written by his jilted ex, which has gone viral over the past couple of days.

As ABC News reports, an image posted to Imgur purports to tell the tale of young love gone wrong. "Hi Honey," starts the anonymous author, "Guess who left his Facebook open on the computer and got a message from Kelsi? Yeah! You! But don't worry, I didn't break anything! Actually, I was nice enough to package your things!"

While anybody would be understandably upset upon discovering evidence of a partner's wandering eye, the author chose to channel her anger into a highly creative method of disposing of her ex's belongings. Rather than dumping his things into a bonfire or heaping landfill, the writer creates a scavenger hunt for the offending party to recover his possessions.

"Your clothes are where we first met!" states the first clue. "Your T.V. is where we went 'all the way,'" reads another. The rest of his things, says the letter, "including pictures of the last 2 years of our lives," are at Kelsi's house.

The author signs off by saying, "While I didn't break or damage anything, I can't guarantee anybody else won't find it! Happy Hunting!"

If the letter is genuine, it's the latest in a series of breakups gone viral over the past few months. Last week, a Google Street View camera captured a girl moving out of her house after a messy breakup. In December, musician Jonathan Mann and his girlfriend Ivory announced the end of their five-year relationship with a catchy YouTube video.