Anders Behring Breivik, the man who killed scores of people in Norway in two separate attacks, told Oslo police that he had many more targets in mind for his murderous rampage.

Although his killing spree ended the lives of 77 people, Breivik said he was planning multiple car bombings that would have destroyed government buildings, the royal palace and the headquarters of Norway’s Labor Party. (Breivik did, in fact, target Labor supporters during his horrific shooting spree on Utoeya Island).

Regarding his proposed attack on the royal palace, Breivik explained he wasn’t intending to murder the king and queen (who actually live in an apartment in Oslo), but rather to destroy something he viewed as a living symbol of Norway.

According to reports, police are skeptical of anything Breivik says, since he appears to be delusional. He has already claimed that he is part of a Europe-wide network of like-minded rightists, but police said they have uncovered no evidence that he had any accomplices in his attacks.

Also, detectives allegedly told Norwegian reporters that Breivik is very interested in how much media coverage he is receiving (since he is barred from having any contact with newspapers, television, Internet, or any other form of mass media). They are also shocked by his apparent lack of emotion or remorse over his actions.

"He talks a lot and he is eager to tell what has happened,” said Breivik’s attorney, Geir Lippestad, who has been present during police interrogations.

"He has a lot of energy. But he is calm while explaining himself. His face shows very few expressions."