Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan recently started debates after he revealed that he usually stays away from challenging his team’s players for fear of demolishing their confidence. The six-time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls -- who last played in 2003, with the Washington Wizards -- candidly said in a recent interview that even at age 52 he could still defeat any of the players on the Hornets roster.

That boast drew an interesting proposition from Reggie Miller, age 49, one of Jordan's fiercest competitors. The retired Indiana Pacers sharpshooter -- now a basketball commentator -- recently challenged Jordan to a friendly one-on-one game during a guest appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show.” Miller began the discussion by naming some of the players on the Hornets roster he believes Jordan can beat in a race to 10 points -- citing Cody Zeller, Lance Stephenson and Marvin Williams. Miller also named some current players who he could possibly beat, but backtracked on a few -- such as Matthew Dellavedova, James Jones and Shawn Livingston.

The interview turned interesting when Patrick asked Miller, who is No. 2 all-time in most three-point field goals made, if he could beat Jordan in a game of one-of-one. “There’s a lot of bad blood here,” Miller told Patrick. “And, I have a lot of pent-up issues with MJ. And it would all probably come to a head. So, bring it on. BRING IT ON!”

Miller and Jordan have a lot of history dating back to their heated rivalry in the late 1990s. Miller even recounted during an appearance on ABC's “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that Jordan once reminded him who the “Black Jesus” was.

Miller recalled a Bulls-Pacers game in which the Pacers led at halftime, with Miller having scored more points than Jordan. That prompted some trash-talking by Miller toward Jordan. But in the second half, Miller scored just two points and Jordan finished the game with 44 points. “Never talk to the Black Jesus like that,” Jordan told Miller afterward.

Watch Miller pose the challenge to Jordan during his recent interview:

(Youtube/Dan Patrick Show)