The zombie madness continues as Resident Evil 6 got an Xbox 360 exclusive demo on July 3. Capcom's next instalment in the survival horror franchise will officially debut on Nov. 6, but Dragon's Dogma owners got a preview of Leon, Chris and Jake as they battle with the virally infected legions.

 In the gameplay teaser, Leon and his companion Helena are stranded within the Ivy University campus after successfully defeating the zombified President of the United States. The objective is to escape the infected city of Tall Oaks without becoming one of the bloody lifeless drones. In Leon's campaign, Capcom seeks to provide gameplay tension for gamers, leaving zombies out of the scene for approximately 10 minutes after this point, as NowGamer acknowledges.

In classic Resident Evil style, lights flicker and items are knocked over, constantly keeping the player on edge. The new graphics engine incorporated into Resident Evil 6 only enhance these effects for the player, creating that true survival horror atmosphere.

In the second campaign, Chris Redfield climbs Chinese rooftops, constantly on the lookout for the violent infected beings. In Jake Muller's quest, the son of notable villain Albert Wesker faces off against the Ustanak enemy in Eastern Europe.

'Resident Evil 6' looks like it's making an honest attempt at taking the genre back to its roots, wrote Raine Hutchens of GamerFront. Fans have wanted to see more zombies and less 'men with guns,' and Capcom looks to have brought that back with this next entry.

The most recent game in the series to be released, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, received some harsh criticism from fans and critics alike. The game was said to have lackluster character artificial intelligence, buggy controls and strayed from the series.

However, the next release doesn't seem to be following in the footsteps of Operation Raccoon City. Resident Evil 6 is Capcom's first attempt at a split-campaign title within the franchise, and has been described as three games combined into one. In March, Capcom revealed that this will be the largest game in the 16-year-old franchise to date.

The plan is the biggest 'Resident Evil' game ever, Capcom's SCP of Planning and Development Christian Svensson said to Game Informer. We're not messing around.

The game should take about 30 hours to play through, and each of the individual campaigns is approximately as long as an entire Resident Evil title, Game Director Eiichiro Sasaki told Game Informer I April.

The demo went live on July 3 for Xbox 360 owners of Dragon's Dogma, but Capcom hasn't forgotten about PlayStation players. On PS3, the Resident Evil 6 demo gets a release date of Sept. 4 in the United States and Europe.

Luckily, we have some of Leon's gameplay footage below for those who haven't checked out the demo.