Bristol Palin’s wedding to Sgt. Dakota Meyer has been called off, but they will still be celebrating on Saturday. The daughter of 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin dismissed reports that the Medal of Honor recipient is already married to another woman.

According to the reports, Meyer, 26, is still married to his first wife Cassandra Wain, whom he married at age 19 in 2008. This was apparently why Palin called off the impending wedding in Kentucky.

On Monday, Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska confirmed on her Facebook page that her daughter’s wedding will not take place as scheduled. But instead of wasting such a good day at “the old Kentucky home,” the Palins and the Meyers decided to just “celebrate life” on Saturday instead of a wedding. She did not explain if the nuptials were canceled or merely postponed -- or provide a reason for the change in plans.

Palin included a message from her daughter, clearing up rumors saying Meyer has a secret wife. As Bristol claimed, she and Meyer discussed their past relationships before they got engaged.

“Dakota was legally divorced years ago, as any good reporter could and should have disclosed to readers. As usual, false stories and dramatically written headlines begging controversy should be disregarded, and we have faith that our privacy will be respected at this time by those with decency,” the 24-year-old former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant wrote.

However, the New York Daily News insisted that Bristol’s claim of Meyer’s divorce “years ago” is dubious. As the paper reported, there was no record of a divorce for the Marine Corps veteran and Wain in Kentucky or Michigan. His wedding license also appears along with other documents up until 2014 in the county where they were listed as married. The news site conceded, though, that information about their marriage is sealed; therefore, it’s impossible to determine their current marital status.

This is the second time Bristol has been engaged. She was first engaged to Levi Johnston, the father of her 6-year-old child Tripp, in 2008. They ended their engagement in 2009. In March, Bristol announced her engagement to the decorated Marine on Instagram, calling herself the “luckiest girl in the world.” Meyer also called himself the “luckiest guy” for having Bristol in his life.

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