Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, denied last week that she lost custody of her newborn daughter, Sailor Grace. While she is taking care of her baby girl in Alaska, she also wants the child’s father to come visit her, according to leaked texts exposed by Radar Online. In the messages, Palin said she doesn’t care about the state of her relationship with her ex, but wants Meyer to be in Sailor’s life.

Palin, 25, texted Meyer to say their daughter is growing and he shouldn’t be missing out. “I want you (and your family) to be in her life as much as possible. It’s not about us, and I don’t care if you hate me, put it aside and put her first,” she supposedly said. “[Sailor] grows every day and every day I literally just think about how much you’re missing by not seeing her, so realize I’m not bs’ing you and want you to be a part of her life, from the bottom of my heart I do.”

Meyer said the only reason he wasn’t visiting his daughter was because “I legally have no right to a child that is mine.” Legalities isn’t the only problem: Meyer lives on the other side of the country, in Kentucky.

He reportedly tried to finalize a temporary custody agreement last week, but Meyer’s motion was denied. Palin already asked the courts that Sailor remain in Alaska, where she is being cared for and breast-fed, according to court documents obtained by the U.K.’s Daily Mail. She will continue to breast-feed Sailor until she is 12 months old.

As custody gossip swirled on the internet, Palin was quick to dismantle rumors on social media. “These babies are my world, and I will always be doing what is best for them,” she wrote on her blog last Thursday. “Every child deserves two loving parents, so I will continue to encourage that no matter what. I have never, and will never, keep them from having a positive relationship with their fathers.”

She then raised eyebrows when she posted a picture of her baby girl to Instagram Sunday and said Sailor looked “exactly like her daddy.”


looks exactly like her daddy!

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