Just hours ago, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband, Prince William, welcomed into the world their first child, a baby boy weighing just over eight pounds. While Kate was in labor, we sat down with International Business Times reporter Christopher Harress, a Scot, to discuss what all the fuss is about and if in fact the royal baby could lift the nation's morale.

All babies born in the United Kingdom on this day will receive a commemorative coin to mark this historic moment, which will cost the government upwards of $80,000. Harress calls this an "insult" to the working class at a time when Britain looks to be headed into a triple-dip recession. The coin, he contests, is a symbol of the disconnect between the UK’s ruling class and the public. We sat down with him to discuss this idea and to ponder if the royal family is in fact at all connected to modern Britain.