Fleet, Hampshire UK - A British mixed race couple have become parents to a set of black and white twin girls for a second time.

Dean Durrant, who is black, and Alison Spooner, who is white, from Fleet in Hampshire first welcomed daughters Lauren and Hayleigh, born in 2001, who has different skin tones and eye colors.

The couples were surprised to find that their second sets of twins were also born with different colored skin.

I honestly didn't think that it would happen again. I thought that we'd have two of the same. Well I didn't think that we'd have twins again for a start, said Alison Spooner.

Durrant, 33, said he was blown away at the news and that he was still in shock.

I was as blown away as the rest of them, you know, there is no easy way to explain it all. I feel like I'm still in shock myself even though the first ones were seven years ago. It's amazing, but we just love them the same, he said.

Both sets of twins are fraternal rather than identical, meaning they are the product of two separately fertilized eggs, so it is not unusual that they don't look alike. Miya has her father's black skin and Leah is white like her mother.