A 40-year-old British woman who woke up speaking Chinese after suffering from a stroke is in a state of shock. Doctors recently told the lady that the condition is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Sarah Colwill from Plymouth, Devon, suffers from a “foreign accent syndrome” that makes her speak up Chinese, despite the fact that she has never visited China in her entire life. Globally, only 20 cases of foreign accent syndrome have been observed so far.

Medical experts have tried all methods of curing the syndrome, but now they believe that the condition is here to stay. Colwill, on the other hand, is devastated by the news. According to her, the weird condition has left her homeless and jobless, further adding to the challenges in life.

Colwill was diagnosed with the syndrome five years ago when she suffered migraine and a stroke. She hoped that doctors would reverse her rare condition in all these years and make her back to the normal, however, all the attempts seemed to fail.

“My neurologist has signed me off and said I will permanently be this way. They've tried various treatments; they've tried everything, but nothing makes a difference,” said Colwill, in a statement.

Colwill further revealed that despite all efforts to change her accent, the sound of the words does not change. People find it hard to understand what she says, and sometimes she stops saying anything if her speech sounds really bad.

According to specialists, foreign accent syndrome clips vowels in the speech that the sufferer delivers. Therefore, the resulting accent mimics or resembles another language, even in the patients with no or minimum exposure to that particular foreign country.