Both Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus have new puppies that are being spoiled rotten, the Daily Mail reports.  

On Monday, a Twitter account popped up for Spears’ new terrier, Hannah Spears, tag lined “I’m Britney’s Bitch.”

The puppy made an introductory tweet: “Woof!” The new Spears’ puppy asked followers for fashion advice. 

“Should I wear a bow? Mom says I'm a princess & that I need a bow,' she tweeted.

Britney then introduced Hannah on her own Twitter account.

“I want you all to meet my new little baby girl Hannah Spears <3 How cute is she?!?!” she tweeted, with an accompanying photo of herself holding Hannah. After which, the two exchanged:

“awww thanks mommy - I love you!” tweeted Hannah.

“What a sweet little girl - love you too!” tweeted Britney.

Hannah posted her most recent tweet this morning, asking, “What should I chase today … squirrel or chipmunk? Arf arf!”

The pooch has acquired almost 11,000 followers in just one day.

At almost the same, Miley Cyrus capped off her birthday by shopping for her new puppy, Rosie. Cyrus and her younger sister Noah were spotted at the pet boutique Spot! in Los Angeles shopping for the little brown puppy.

Cyrus was photographed being affectionate with Rosie while they were in the store, while Noah held the pooch as they left. Their mother, Tish, was also there, and she helped load all of their new puppy supplies into the car.

According to the singer’s Twitter, they adopted the puppy from SPOT! Dog Rescue.

“Another angel saved,” she tweeted alongside photos of Noah holding Rosie.

In addition, Cyrus also received a birthday gift from the animal rights organization PETA; the singer now sponsors a pig named Norah who spends her days at the Kindred Spirits Sanctuary in Ocala, Fla.